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Nothing spells American like a successful start-up company!

I started working with Zen Toolworks as one of many projects I do on the side. It only requires a few hours a week at the most so I can easily fit it into my schedule. I take care of most Internet-related developments and provide an avenue for online customer-support through the forum system I installed.

I'm going to tell you something you might already know. If there is only one thing that can define the success of a company, its the quality of their Customer Service and Support. Let me explain -- A while ago, I was searching for a system that could make small parts such as gears or frame supports. I needed these parts to build small prototypes of hardware devices I was designing. I ran into an online store selling the CNC DIY kits cheaper than any other available. After a bit of research on the store, I found out that the hardware was very stable and would work perfect for what I needed it for. But, the entire cost was about $200 more than what I had available. In an unbelievable turn of events, the business sold me everything I needed to start for roughly $150.00 less than the actual total retail cost. I was so impressed with the level of customer service this guy gave me. It is no wonder why he is rated 100% on Amazon and Ebay listings.

So together, we make Customer Service the #1 priority and the sales of products #2. I promote and provide this service on the Internet Forums and also try to fill-in a few gaps in the entire process. Combined with Internet developments, we put on a good demonstration of how to build and maintain a successful small business!

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